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Archbishop of Dublin’s Certificate in Church Music Year 1 syllabus


Year 1

Section A


  1. Repertoire

The student will be required to play two contrasting pieces from the list provided.  30 marks

  1. Anglican Chant

To accompany either Jubilate Deo OR Nunc Dimittis, in either modern or traditional language from the Book of Common Prayer, to a single chant from an unmarked copy, with or without pedals at the student’s choice.  The required chants are provided in the online resources 15 marks

  1. Hymn playing

The student must prepare six hymns as provided on the list in the online resources. The first three hymns on the list must be prepared with pedals.  In manual only hymns, occasional use of pedal for awkward places is permitted. One of the hymns prepared with pedals will be performed as follows:

A suitable play-over/introduction
The first verse
A middle verse (chosen by the examiner)
The final verse

Students should demonstrate musical leadership in choosing suitable tempi and registrations, appropriate for a full congregation, for each verse. Phrasing and articulation appropriate for the text should also be included.  30 marks

The student will be asked to play single verses from a further four hymns as chosen by the examiner.  10 marks

 Quick hymn study

Four weeks before the examination day all students will be sent one hymn to be learned in time for the examination. This will be prepared for manuals only. The examiner will hear one verse.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   10 marks

Marks awarded for the hymn playing section will reflect the overall examination mark. For example, to achieve Honours (total marks greater than 120) the hymn section (3) must also have an Honours mark (40 marks or higher).

Section B

  1. Pedal scales

Pedal scales, compass two octaves in the keys of D major and E flat major from memory.  10 marks

  1. Pedal exercise

Play left hand and pedal exercise provided in the online resources section.  10 marks

  1. Sight reading

To play a hymn arrangement in three or four parts, on two staves, manuals only. A metronome mark will be given.
Students will be allowed one minute to view and play excerpts from the sight reading before performing it for the examiner. 20 marks

     7. Cadences

The examiner will play the key note, then a cadence twice and ask the student to identify it.  Then the students will be asked sing one part, as chosen by the examiner, in any comfortable octave. The cadences to be studied are available in online resources10 marks

    8. Work experience

Work experience alongside an experienced parish organist for at least two Sundays. A log of each Sunday of work experience completed by the students must be kept, detailing what was played by them and a self-assessment of how it went. The log must be signed by the supervising parish musician.

In the event of a student already holding a church position, an alternative arrangement may be made for work experience.  5 marks



Marking Scheme


Year 1

Section A






Anglican Chant



Hymn Playing



Verse from 4 hymns



Quick Study Hymn



Section B



Pedal Scales



Pedal exercises



Sight reading






Work Experience






Pass mark: 100 marks

Honours: 120 marks

End of Year 1 syllabus


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