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Church Music Dublin’s Hon. Secretary is –

                       Jacqueline Mullen

                       tel: (01) 298 8923


Contact List

Our contact list includes almost every organist and choir director who works in Church of Ireland churches in the Dioceses of Dublin and Glendalough, Meath and Kildare – basically, those within 120 km, approximately, of Dublin city.

The list also includes many of other faith traditions who value being kept in touch by email with what we do. We have contacts in all parts of Ireland and in other countries.

Our email address is

Anyone may ask to be included on our circulation list. The simplest way do so is to enter your email in the box below and press ‘Go’.


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Eircodes – will you help us?

We are now adding Eircodes to the addresses on our circulation list.  This, clearly, is a long-term project.  But it will be speeded up considerably if those who receive Soundboard in the post send us their Eircode.   You can find an Eircode by using the search facility at  

Please send the Eircode of your postal address to: