Green for Ordinary Time

Foundation course

Foundation Course in Church Music
Revised February 2016

This is an assessment rather than an examination.  The student will prepare hymns from the list provided, two pieces of contrasting organ music from the list and one chant, provided in the online resources.

At the assessment the candidate will accompany the Cantor in the prescribed chant and four hymns chosen from the list by the examiner.  They will be asked to play the prepared pieces and answer general questions about their progress.  An assessment form will be completed, offering advice with regard to areas for improvement and future study.


Any two pieces to be chosen from the following list

From Little Note Book for Anna Magdalena Bach – any 2 part piece

From Easy Bach Album by Daniel Moult, Barenreiter – any of the following:

So oft ich meine Tobackspfeife BWV 515

Bist Du bei Mir BWV 508 

Gott lebet noch BWV 461 

O Jesulein süß BWV 493 

Anglican Chant: To accompany the canticle Ecce Nunc, in either modern or traditional language from the Book of Common Prayer, to Chant 63 Barnby in Ab, from the Irish Chant book, with or without pedals at the student’s choice.

Hymns: Any four hymns from the simple accompaniments available on the Church Music Dublin website.   Please see



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