Violet until the Eve of Palm Sunday

Living Worship: history


Living Worship Seminars :  Speakers and Topics, 2006-18 








The Very Rev’d Nigel Dunne &
Peter Stobart


An introduction to ‘Morning and Evening Prayer for Use on Sundays’


The Rev’d Jack Kinkead


Musical resources for Holy week and Easter

 2017   The Rev’d Richard Clutterbuck   Why Liturgy?
    The Very Rev’d Tom Gordon   Why Christians Worship
    John Rowntree   Singing in the Community – and How?
 2016   Bishop Harold Miller    Holy Week and Easter music and liturgy
    Gerard Brooks   The accompaniment of worship songs and contemporary hymns
    Archdeacon Ricky Rountree   Baptism within the Eucharist
 2015   The Rev’d Adrienne Galligan &
Jacqueline Mullen
  The Service of the Word and All-age Worship
Church Hymnal Supplement, Thanks & Praise
    Dean Gerald Field &
David O’Shea
  The Canticles at Morning and Evening Prayer
    Dean Sandra Pragnell &
Derek Verso
  Space, sign and symbol in church; Music at the Eucharist
 2014   Mark Duley   (1) Re-imagining a tradition: Schola Cantorum and St Nicholas Collegiate Church, Galway. (2) Encouraging congregational singing.
     Peter Barley    Introducing new repertoire
    Aidan Greene   Gospel music in the liturgy: an Irish perspective
2013   The Rev’d Dr Stanley Monkhouse   Role of the Church Musician
    The Rev’d Dr Peter Thompson   The supplemental hymnal to CH5 and Choosing the hymns
2012   Dean Tom Gordon    Why Christians Worship
    Prof. John Harper   The future of church music
    The Rev’d Gerald Field   The Liturgical Advisory Committee
    Jonathan Rea   The changing focus of the church musician
2006-2011: below        
 2006   The Rev’d Tom Gordon   Why Christians worship
    Dr Margaret Daly-Denton   The tools of worship
    David McConnell   Christian hymnody
    The Rev’d Tom Gordon   Making it work
 2007   The Rev’d Tom Gordon   Why Christians worship
    Fr Patrick Jones   Liturgical space
    David McConnell   Christian hymnody
    Archdeacon Edgar Swann   Making it work (in St Patrick’s Church, Greystones)
 2008   John O’Keeffe   Integrating music into liturgy
    Colin Mawby   The role of the church musician
    Alison Cadden and Judy Martin   New approaches to singing the psalms
    Dr Donald Davison   Hymns and spiritual songs
 2009   Geoff Weaver   Getting people to sing
    Fr Paul Kenny   Music in the Catholic parish
    Prof. Gerard Gillen   The organ – a force to be reckoned with
    The Rev’d Tom Gordon   Why Christians worship
 2010   Mark Duley   Is Saul also among the prophets?
    John Bell   Improving congregational song
    The Rev’d Peter Moger   Music transforming worship 
    Archdeacon Edgar Swann   Worship and music: the Eucharist
 2011   Bishop Michael Burrows   Changing times for liturgical space
    Róisín Dexter, with
 members of Discovery Gospel Choir
  Gospel music workshop
    Archdeacon Ricky Rountree   Music in non-eucharistic worship 
    Dr Harry Grindle   The role of the church musician 


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