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The Coverdale Psalter

The ikonic translation of the Psalter (Book of Psalms) by Myles Coverdale in the Great Bible of 1539-41 was used in all editions of the 
Book of Common Prayer (BCP) from 1549 to 1662. BCP 1662 continues to be an authorised prayer book of the Church of England.
The Church of Ireland retained Coverdale in its 1878 revision of the BCP.

The Church of Ireland 1926 edition of the BCP used a very conservative revision (published in 1916) of Coverdale.
BCP 1926 continued to be the authorised prayer book of the Church of Ireland until replaced by the current, 2004 Book,
which uses a modern translation, as more fully described on the Psalms Online page.

The translation of the psalter in BCP 1926 continues to be used in the larger cathedrals and by a handful of parish churches that
maintain a choral establishment.

In 1930 the Association for Promoting Christian Knowledge (APCK), Dublin published the psalms and canticles arranged for chanting.
Entitled Irish Church Psalter, this meticulously produced book went through three editions and was used by churches large and
small throughout Ireland for over seventy years. ICP includes helpful guidance on using the ‘speech-rhythm’ method for singing
Anglican chant, which had become widespread since the 1920s.

The ICP may be viewed by clicking here  Irish Church Psalter

Chant Books

The APCK published collections of chants over six editions:

1868:   Chants Ancient and Modern, Responses, &c.
1883:   Chants Ancient and Modern, Responses, &c., which included biographical details of composers
1894:   A reprint of the 1883 publication
1907:   Chants and Responses
1925:   The Irish Chant Book
1938:   The Irish Chant Book, which remained in print until the 1980s


Silent Worship (click)

A Report on Music in the Church of Ireland, with some recommendations for the future.  Published in 1990 by the now defunct Joint Committee for Church Music in Ireland.  This report is fascinating and informative reading, particularly the first three or four chapters.


Church Music Survey 2011 (click)

A survey of church music provision in the dioceses of Dublin & Glendalough.


The Irish Church Music Scene 

This article by Harry Grindle (click) (1935-2013) was published originally in Organists’ Review, August 2011, to coincide with the annual Congress of the Incorporated Association of Organists held in Belfast. The article continues to be a useful snapshot of church music in Ireland.


Irish Anglicanism 1969-2019: Essays to mark the 150th anniversary of the Disestablishment of the Church of Ireland. ed. Kenneth Milne & Paul Harron (2019) (Four Courts Press). Published in November 2019, the hardback edition quickly sold out and a paperback edition appeared in January 2020.  The two opening essays are, Worship in the Church of Ireland, Bishop Harold Miller, and Music in the Church of Ireland, Dr Kerry Houston. Whether read together or separately, these two essays provide a fascinating and informative overview of core aspects of contemporary Church of Ireland life.  Highly recommended. Essential reading for any church musician who wishes to understand the background to their Sunday by Sunday work.


Accompanying worship songs (click) – the un-abridged version of an article by James Pasley in the Summer 2016 edition of Soundboard.




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